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The memory of a refreshing, summer breeze …
August 28, 2016


August 2016

Hi Everyone,

The end of the summer season can be so bittersweet. The lovely weather has now entered its final hurrah. The vacation we looked forward to, is now a memory and the kids are back in school. This transition to a new season affects our minds, our bodies and our spirits, as the eternal cycle marches onward. We bid adieu to the softness of summer evenings and the fullness of a garden in bloom. We start wearing warmer clothing, as apples slowly replace the last of the watermelon in the fridge. We move forward. There’s something to love about every season. Whereas we might be more physically-oriented during the summer months, we tend to become increasingly introspective, as the days count down to Christmas and the Winter Solstice. Just as each season has its hallmark feature, be it sunshine, falling leaves, snowmen or daffodils, so too does each season have its own unique, spiritual tenor. We benefit spiritually from all of these cyclic phases in the space of a year and yet, saying farewell to summer is never easy for me. The best I can do is to embrace the change, while appreciating the summer that was…

I hope your summer was truly wonderful!

Here’s a moment from mine …

One day while enjoying the water and the sun in Laguna Beach, California, a small group of Seals swam in and ‘hung out’ close by to where we had set up for the afternoon. It was interesting really, that these seals turned up at this rocky ledge so near to the shore, as the beach was quite crowded. It was incredible just to watch the Seals swim around; a mere 10 feet away from most of the ‘human’ swimmers. Ah, summer … I’ll miss you.

~ Bridget

Latest Spirituality Article

The Power of a Personal Mantra

Our minds can become like a river after a storm, swift moving and full of debris. Our chances at peace and serenity are much better when we allow our thoughts to become completely still, like a placid lake. The concentric circles moving on the surface of the lake from the center to the circumference are now calm, just as our minds become calm when we focus on the repetition of a mantra, such as “Om Tat Sat.” This Hindu mantra essentially describes the omniscient power of God, the qualities of God and the truth of God. We are also free to devise a mantra that may be more personally meaningful to a situation at hand such as; “Every path is open before me, there exist no obstructions to my success.” Despite the intensity of our outer life circumstances or the level of distress we are experiencing, the repetition of a mantra can pull us out of a deep ravine and place us back on the road to an improved spiritual condition.

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Happy Summer Reading!

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Newest video - Deeply Alive!

When was the last time, you felt deeply alive? What did that power feel like? What brought back the doubt and fear? There was a reason why, you turned away from your magnificence. We sabotage ourselves over and over. We fall back on endless excuses. It’s time to try something new. Ask yourself new questions. What scares you? What has prevented you from taking the first step? What is getting in the way? To reclaim the power in our lives, we must end our acceptance of low standards.

Watch this inspirational video here:

Seasonal Recipe

Honey Glazed Sweet Potatoes and Peaches

A subtly sweet combination that offers a fresh, side dish idea for the summertime table. As the season changes, you can substitute apples for the peaches.

Get the recipe here:

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Happy End of Summer!

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