A River of Light
runs through me 

We have all experienced a state of effortless flow in life. This energy feels like realized potential. It’s productive and uncomplicated. Words, ideas or solutions appear unimpeded and translate naturally into physical expression. It’s as if the air is electrified, underscoring our objective, becoming action that rushes forward like a current in a fast moving river. It’s a yoga class where your body feels great and your balance is solid. It’s such a wonderful state of being, but tends to be rather evasive. I once believed that flow was a gift bestowed upon me somewhat magically, when words poured out of me and onto a page; but now I know that I can match my vibration to this frequency, through the focused intention of purposeful alignment.

It didn’t happen overnight and my own learning curve was a bit on the dramatic side of the scale. When divergent footpaths coalesce into a single trail it demonstrates that we’ve learned something pivotal; we’ve adjusted our trajectory and have finally positioned ourselves to step into truth. To access this wisdom we must engage in self-reflection. Instead of blocking your creative flow, the appearance of fear, resentment, or resistance can be re-directed and transformed into a sense of knowing. We can honestly assess our responses to life, by noticing them without judgment, and then choosing to transform them by transmuting their energetic signature back towards a path of potential through compassion, for self and others.

No longer are we tossed about by the mighty winds of a cold and self-serving world. We have set our foot upon a road that leads to sacred resonance with inner clarity. Choose a course which aligns your conscious mind with your unconscious, yet true nature, which is love. By embracing other components such as peace, calm and tolerance we step into the flow of life and a stable bridge is built between our conscious and unconscious mind that serves to enhance all that we choose, in favor of the highest good. Align with love, with peace, and with growth by releasing all that impedes the natural flow of life. As always, it’s an inside job.

When resistance rises up, we can feel it in the form of a energy block. Here, we can make a choice to release it. When we do, healing energy rushes in to take its place. Creativity is reflective of the vast universe and is present in the unconscious, therefore it is up to us to build a bridge between that place of truth and our conscious mind. Choose to connect with the unseen depth of love ever-present within your soul. Nurture your inner and outer life to align with your values and with the peace that you seek. One way to learn to recognize the wisdom within is through meditation. The energy present in this subtle realm of the interior life becomes familiar to us and we can stand in it during the process of discernment to detect truth, and the presence of love. The small intuitive voice can reach us if we clear the way for it.

Recently, I’ve engaged in quite a bit of reading on Quan Yin, an Ascended Master from the Far East, who embodies the Divine Mother energy in the Buddhist tradition, just as the Virgin Mary is associated with this energy in Christianity. Quan Yin is known as a bodhisattva, a Sanskrit term characterizing a being of enlightenment. As the story goes, Quan Yin stood at the entrance to Nirvana, but chose to stay and work with the human race until every soul realizes that we are One, and the Divine consciousness we currently are, is whole and complete.  

As the Mother of compassion and mercy, Quan Yin welcomes our prayers to live in truth, and increase our own quotient of love and light.  We are encouraged to call upon Quan Yin for purposes of healing in mind, body and spirit. In this Aquarian age noted for the rise of Divine Feminine Energy, Quan Yin is at the forefront of this awakening. Her messages over the centuries have focused on self-healing and self-love, which lead to Unity Consciousness/Christ Consciousness, where we reconcile with the ultimate truth, that we are One. Quan Yin’s counsel to us, is to cease the struggle and rest peacefully in what is. 

The spirit of Quan Yin is a universal symbol for the renewal of love for self and the world. To flow on the path of true purpose, we must first heal, balance and love ourselves. A relationship with Quan Yin is a portal to this energetic healing that can open onto a beautiful life with unlimited potential. Quan Yin advises us, to refrain from rushing about, center in silence and regularly engage in the work of transformation; for when we do, we discover the jewel within an expanded self.

One afternoon, during a moment of meditation on the compassion and mercy of Quan Yin, my mind was impressed with the concept of a River of Light running through me and anchoring down into the crystalline core of the earth.  I felt such peace and such an awareness of flow. Now, when resistance arises and I need to release it, I envision myself with a river of light running through me. It restores clarity and raises my vibration, enabling me to re-connect with creative flow. A River of Light, God's Light, runs through you too.

Compassion is a powerful, transmuting energy and it always starts with yourself. By embracing ourselves with love, we can encourage creativity, because it is through love that we create. True compassion strengthens us, as we reach for a life lived in unity, not only with our true nature, but with the world as a whole; because in the end there is but a single truth, and it is that WE ARE ONE. Seek out compassion, mercy, truth and love for they are the guideposts on the path to creative flow.

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