A Crystal Energy Brief
on the power of Citrine.
Learn how to cleanse and program it.

Citrine is infused with light. This crystal harnesses the quantum energy of the sun. It is a powerful stone of manifestation. Exposing Citrine to natural light restores its vital frequency. This presence of light connects you with your Divine nature, as well as with the earth. Citrine’s sunny energy is supercharged with abundance, confidence and creativity. This stone brightens our interior landscape, and can help us achieve balance and success, while building inner strength. Citrine brings forth opportunity for happiness and light, which can lead to opening the spirit to unlimited potential; our divine inheritance.

Good for mental clarity, Citrine reminds us that whatever we truly desire and work towards with passion, can manifest. Use this stone to awaken awareness in order to become conscious of repetitive, self-limiting thought patterns, as they may be holding you back. The radiant vibration that Citrine emits, positively affects emotions, uplifting and reminding us, that we are one with All That Is. Citrine can also be effective in clearing blocks. Energy blocks are experienced in the solar plexus chakra. Let the golden rays of this stone dissipate whatever challenge or negative emotion is blocking your way to happiness and success.

Cleansing your Crystals

  1. Place crystal in the soil of a healthy, houseplant for 24 hours.
  2. Lay crystal on top of a piece of Selenite Crystal for 4 hours.
  3. Rinse crystals in sea water or water with sea salt added, then place in sunlight for 4 hours or overnight in moonlight.
  4. Hold crystal in the smoke of a burning sage stick or Palo Santo stick until fully immersed by smoke.

Using Citrine for manifestation

Desire: What is it that your heart truly desires? What do you perceive is missing in your life? Close your eyes. Relax. Imagine a beautiful flame warming your heart & soul. Feel the purifying & healing light burn away fear & doubt, while healing mind & body and clearing away obstacles. Your heart center transforms into a space of infinite love & light. Feel the peace. Become quiet and observe. What is your heart telling you? The arrival of truth is  announced when the eye releases a teardrop.  Follow your truth. Understand what your heart is telling you as a true desire, and follow this path to manifestation. 

Visualization:  Form a clear image of what you want to manifest in your mind. Bring the image alive with detail.

Intentions:  Choose 3 empowering words that reflect the spiritual meaning of Citrine, in connection with what you desire to manifest.  Example: Success, Abundance, Strength. Other properties include: Chakra Cleansing, Mental Clarity, Happiness. ( power of the three )             

Reflect these intentions in your personal affirmation.

Affirmation:  Create an empowering affirmation that you can use daily.

Flow:  Desires materialize when we allow the energy of our lives to flow like water. Release the need to ‘try to materialize’. Trust in the synchronized unity of your power, which is matched by the Universe.

Belief:  Believe that you have already achieved your desire.

Gratitude:  There is considerable energy released when we are grateful in advance. Daily gratitude opens a pathway for manifestation to occur.

Once the Crystal is cleansed and you have chosen your 3 intentions, and have created an affirmation, you are ready to program the crystal to assist you in bringing forth the energy of manifestation.

Programming a crystal:

Hold the crystal in your hands, close your eyes, and go within. Take a deep breath, and exhale completely. Repeat 3 x. Now, pause and reflect on your concept of God, your trust in Universal energy, or something that makes you incredibly happy.  This state of being will bring forth a higher vibration. As you remain in this space of love and light, ask that the crystal be cleared of all previous programming or negative energy.

Say out loud or in your mind:

“I ask that the high vibration frequency of Love and the Golden White Light present within me, and all around me, connect with my higher self and the Divine energy of the spiritual realm, to clear all previous programming or negative energy from this crystal (or gemstone).  I request that this crystal (or gemstone) hold the intentions of …”

Add the intentions or energies that you want your crystal to hold for you.   

( power of the three )

End your statement with these words …

“For the highest good of all,

according to the Holy Will of God (or Creator, Universe, Zero Point,…)

and so it is.                                                                                             Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you.

Amen. Namaste.”

Place the programmed crystal on a sunny windowsill over a list of your intentions, wanted energies or manifestation desires. 

Infuse yourself daily with the power of Citrine by holding it in your hand and saying an affirmation … example: …

“I am confident and strong. I radiate light with joy and happiness. I honor and respect myself. I step forward into my personal power. Prosperity abounds in all areas of my life. I have the power to create my reality. I have found my path, and peace accompanies me on my journey into the infinite realm of unlimited potential.”

Crystal Energy Brief by Bridget.

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