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The Celtic Heart Historical Fiction Series

An Inspirational Series based on the soul-awakening tenets of Celtic Wisdom.


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'A Woman's Equal Share'

is officially released!

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We're happy to announce that the Historical Fiction Novel, 'Whispers on the Wind' is now available as an e-book.

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In the harsh desert landscape, a rose in full bloom cascades naturally over a massive boulder entrenched in the sand.

desert rose books

A Rose unfurls velvet soft petals in spite of the relentless heat...

Beauty is discovered amidst an unforgiving terrain.

As our literary and creative offerings evolve, our mission will endure.

It is our quest to accentuate the beauty of a life well lived.

We know that you will find a creative respite here, with the material offered.

Join us, as we celebrate taking the high road in a life well lived.

The current centerpiece of Desert Rose Books is a debut historical fiction novel entitled WHISPERS ON THE WIND written by Bridget Geegan Blanton.

Whispers on the Wind

Lakes of Killarney

We invite you to experience Bridget's elegant writing style for yourself.

Enjoy the opening pages of WHISPERS ON THE WIND.

A Professional Review, Several Reader Reviews and a Synopsis of the Novel can be found at the BOOK REVIEW page

Take a moment from your day and be inspired by writing that explores spiritual values.

Browse a collection of articles that focus on the multi-faceted topic of ' A Life Well Lived'

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